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Tracy King's Blog

Were You Social Last Sundae?

The Eagle Rock Valley Historical Society hosted its annual Ice Cream Social at the Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock Sunday, August 1. Admission was free, there was music, a raffle, dollar-a-dip ice cream and baked goods for sale.

Ice Cream Social period costumes

It was a fun event for all ages and they were all there from newborns to, well, much older people. The Eagle Rock High School Key Club staffed the ice cream counter and otherwise helped at the event. The Kiwanis Club, which is the service organization which sponsors the Key Club, was there in force as well. I recognized a few families who had bought one of my listings in the past year, so it’s good to see that new residents are finding their way to community events. One of the great joys about living in Eagle Rock is that the longtime residents are welcoming to new people and want to help them find their way into service groups and community events.

Ice Cream Social Historical Society

I was happy to see the Eagle Rock Latin Jazz Band perform. It was my first experience with the group and I was impressed to see that fully half the band is female. In addition, they have a very talented female singer. Eric Warren, President of the Eagle Rock Historical Society, told me that the group is much larger this year because one of the requirements of the International Baccalaureate program at Eagle Rock High school is an arts component. It’s wonderful to see how supportive the community is of our young people and their emerging talents.

Ice Cream Social Latin Jazz Band

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