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Tracy King's Blog

Today is Earth Day!

Today is the 39th anniversary of the first celebration of Earth Daywhy, it's as old as I am! But you know that I'm a child of the 60's, don't you. There are lots of great links to explore including , , .

If you want to celebrate Earth Day with a crowd, today is the grand opening of a new exhibit in the Rose Garden at Exposition Park called Cool Globes, Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet. Check out the details at

Just for fun and also because it seemed like the right thing to do on Earth Day if I were to attend a fight global warming event, I wondered if I could easily take public transportation from near my home in Eagle Rock to Exposition Park. First, be sure to go to www.Metro.Net, not After you click on Maps, the planner is very simple to use if you are open to taking the bus. Forget rail for now. Sigh. Maybe next year, if the Expo line is completed on time. But today, for $2.50 round trip, you can go from the corner of Eagle Rock and Colorado Blvd to Exposition Park in about an hour each way on Metro Local 81. The Metro Trip Planner estimates that the cost if you drove your car would be $6.82 each way if you use the estimate of 54.1 cents/mile. So you would save money as well as pollution if you took the bus.

If you want to celebrate by using rail travel, you can hop on down to Union Station and catch the free noon concert performance by Carina Ricco on the South Plaza. Check it out at

Happy Earth Day!

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