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The Hits Keep On Coming with the Eagle Rock Business Model

What is the Eagle Rock Business Model? It's a unique, usually individually owned, business that offers good style and good value. That's my definition--what might yours be?

Cacao Mexicatessen
Eagle Rock and Roll Farmer's Market

What is the Eagle Rock Business Model? It's a unique, usually individually owned, business that offers good style and good value. That's my definition--what might yours be?

Cacao Mexicatessen                    
Another long-awaited restaurant has opened, the Cacao Mexicatessen at 1576 Colorado Blvd. Located next door to Trader Joe’s and Eufloria in a very suitable hacienda-style building, there is outdoor seating behind the vines on the covered porch and you will smell the homey scent of fresh-made tortillas cooking on the griddle as you approach the door. Inside, it looks like it’s been here for 50 years, but it just opened in the last couple of days. A good sign, I think, and the business looks brisk already. Check out photos, the menu, and contact info at They have a number of mole dishes, hence the cacao name. There are imported gifts, coffee, even T-shirts with a couple of great designs on them. The Lujan family has created a unique menu featuring dishes from all over Mexico and a very welcome new Eagle Rock eatery, in my book. I had some guacamole with homemade tortilla chips and I almost ate the whole 16 ounces of it! They cater, you can eat there, or you can take out—something for everyone. Now we need to have CoWineCo twitter the right wine for, say, the Cochinita Pibil (roasted pork with achiote and citrus, wrapped in banana leaf).

Cacao Deli

Cacao Deli


Eagle Rock ‘N Roll Farmers’ Market                      
How many communities do you know of that has 2 Farmer’s Markets every week? Well, add Eagle Rock to your list. This new one is located at the Macy’s end of the parking lot at 2700 Colorado Blvd, started in June, 2009, and is a certified Farmer’s Market, unlike the Friday evening Farmer’s Market at the corner of Merton and Caspar. That means that the Department of Agriculture of the State of California has inspected the farms to ensure the produce
being sold at the markets is California grown. Whereas produce you buy in grocery stores or non-certified Farmer’s Markets might not have been grown in California.
From their website: “PD Markets brings you the hippest, freshest and coolest farmers’ markets in town. Our markets not only feature organic fruits and vegetables but we have some of the best in hand crafted merchandise, vintage and collectibles, jewelry, clothing and much more. We also have awesome bands playing live and for Free! Our kids area rocks… literally with our Rock Climbing wall and inflatable obstacle course.”

I visited there today for the first time and I found a small but friendly variety of vendors. I haven’t seen organic coffee sold at a Farmer’s Market before, and they gave me a generous and delicious sample. I bought some collard greens at the South Central Organic Farmer’s table and there were several vendors with peak of the season stone fruits and grapes at reasonable prices. There were organic goat cheeses, breads, hummus, all really yummy.

The hours are every Sunday, 9 am to 2 pm. Check it out, it’s worth your support and I hope this one prospers as well as the Friday night one. This is really a much better location with lots of parking and easy access. Check out their website at, and you can follow this on twitter @PD Markets.

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