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The Benefit of an Army of Agents Selling Your Home

The Benefit of an Army of Agents Selling Your Home

There’s an art to selling real estate, but the science of numbers comes into play for any great real estate agent.

It’s no secret that the communities that comprise Northeast Los Angeles – Eagle Rock, Highland Park, Mt. Washington and Garvanza, to name a few – represent a hot real estate market. Homes for sale in Glassell Park can draw several dozens of prospective buyers to an open house. Homes in Pasadena almost always sell quickly and with multiple offers. How does that work exactly?

Selling real estate is a numbers game. The more potential buyers that see your listing, the more inquires we receive. The more inquiries we receive, the more likely we are to have a lot of prospects show up to an open house or request a showing. The more showings, the more offers. The more offers, the chance of achieving an over-the-asking-price offer for your home.

While it is vital to have a great website with superior marketing and visibility, that isn’t the only way experienced and skilled realtors create buzz about your home. There’s always the time-tested method of “word of mouth”. That’s right. Even in the age of the Internet, networking and making personal connections is still important. Why? Good question.

As one would expect, real estate agents have a good amount of influence over the homebuyers they represent. And why shouldn’t they? If a homebuyer has performed their due diligence, they know and trust that the realtor is an expert who is looking out for the buyer’s best interest, not their own. That includes having an effective marketing plan to make your home sell quickly and for the right price.

Real estate agents can guide their buyers one way or another, depending on whether they believe a home or neighborhood is going to meet their client’s needs.

This is why it’s important for home sellers and their agents to not only market to consumers, but also to make sure the local community of real estate agents also know about the home. The larger the network of agents you have spreading the word, the more potential buyers those agents can share your home with. This, after all, is the true meaning of “word of mouth”.

For this reason and more, I'm part of a large network of real estate professionals who operate throughout the Los Angeles area, not just the Northeast. This is substantial benefit for you as a seller because it means we’re not limited to marketing your home to only local buyers. Through these important “viral” networks, out-of-the-area buyers who are looking to relocate into our region can also be reached.

The way we operate, we actively market your home directly to interested homebuyers, as well as to our network of agents, working on your behalf to spread the good word about your home. The more interest we can generate through promotion, the more buyers and potential offers we can attract. That, after all, is the name of the game. At least in realm of home selling, more is more!

If you’d like to learn more about how we use our network of real estate agents to market your home, contact us today.

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