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Tracy King's Blog

Shop Local in Eagle Rock for Valentine’s Day

Have you heard about the 3/50 Project? In honor of the shop local movement, I ventured out into Eagle Rock and assembled some places where you can shop for your Valentine gifts this year and keep your hard-earned money in our town!

Have you heard about the 3/50 Project? It started in 2009 when a woman in Minneapolis wrote a blog post asking people to think of three “mom and pop” businesses they didn’t want to see disappear, then to commit $50 of their monthly spending to those or others like them. She called her idea the 3/50 Project, and you can find out more about it at You can also become a fan and a member in Facebook.

In honor of the shop local movement, I ventured out into Eagle Rock and assembled some places where you can shop for your Valentine gifts this year and keep your hard-earned money in our town!
I found a number of unique and inexpensive gifts made by local artists at Cactus Gallery. This independent gallery sells wonderful jewelry, paintings, crafts, and you will find something for everyone here.
There are several shops along Eagle Rock Blvd just below Colorado that have unique treasures that may have been gently used before: Twerp’s or Owl Talk for clothing. The Sniveling Sibling for furniture. Read Books for books. You can even go in there and sell them some books to help finance your shopping trip!

Solve your two left feet issues at Ballroom Blitz with some dance lessons. 

Toro’s Pottery has wonderful ceramics, practical or artistic and usually both. For something truly different, Bughouse has great prints and furniture with their particularly insightful and often humorous slant on the world. Around the corner a few blocks down on Colorado Blvd, Jose Vera Fine Art & Antiques offers exceptional and unusual ideas for art, furniture, design.

For a great Valentine’s bouquet, check out Eufloria, nestled between Trader Joe’s and Cacao Delicatessen.
You must go to Pollen and experience the romance of the senses there. Botanical chocolate, jade bracelets, scented soy candles, stunning floral arrangements, chocolate-scented orchids—I want it all!

Camille’s Lady is such a cool place for stylish gift items for the woman in your life. Check out the website or go to the store quickly before that fabulous one-of-a-kind item is sold!

How about a great gift basket from Heather’s Store? You can go in there or call her. She’ll put together a great gift for you. Hurry, I’m sure she’s busy! And stop in right next door at Daybreak Health Foods for some healthy snacks, vitamins or gifts as well.

We have so many great cafes and restaurants here you’ll have to look at my Restaurant Guide for the list. If you have any trouble accessing the guide here, I’m posting an updated copy on my blog in the next day or so. I’m happy to email or snailmail you a copy, also. Just ask.

And then there is Colorado Wine Company for all your wine needs. Plus, they’ve teamed up with Auntie Em’s for a pick up your Valentine dinner with fabulous wine pairings. Wow. I'll be working all Sunday and too tired to go out. I want this one for sure! Are you reading this, sweetheart? From their website:
Anyway, here's how it works -- read the menu, choose your dinner, call Auntie Em's (323-660-0681) or email to reserve your food, then pick up your food @ Auntie Em's on the 14th and swing by Colorado Wine Company for your wines. Dinner $28/person, menu and wine prices on the web at

 As I wrote this article, more and more shop local ideas came to me. Highland Park has a growing and vibrant shopping scene along both York and Figueroa streets. How about an updated article on therapeutic massage providers? This is a huge subject as there are many really talented and gifted healing massage therapists in our area. Of course, in the interest of investigative reporting, I’ll have to visit them all so I can be sure everyone is of the quality I can vouch for…Your ideas are welcome, too!

All these shops are in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, 90041.
Ballroom Blitz, 4878 Eagle Rock Blvd, 323-258-0029.
Bughouse, 5046 Eagle Rock Blvd, 323-640-0234,
Cactus Gallery, 4534 Eagle Rock Blvd, 323-256-6117.
Colorado Wine Company, 2114 Colorado Blvd, 323-478-1985.                                                                      
Daybreak Health Food, 1565 #a Colorado Blvd,323-258-3881.                                                                                                   Eufloria, 1576 Colorado Blvd, 323-257-5997.
Heather’s Store, 1565 B Colorado Blvd, 323-550-1625.
Jose Vera Fine Art and Antiques, 2012 Colorado Blvd,323.258.5050.
Lady. 4974 Eagle Rock Blvd, 90041, 323-254-6500.
Owl Talk, 5060-B Eagle Rock Bl. Los Angeles 323-258-2465.
Pollen Botanical Design. 1583 Colorado Blvd. 323-550-1555.
Read Books, 4972 Eagle Rock Blvd, 323-259-9068.
The Sniveling Sibling, 5028 Eagle Rock Blvd.
Toro’s Pottery, 4962 Eagle Rock Blvd. 323-344-8330.
Twerp’s, 5060 Eagle Rock Blvd, 323-256-7608

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