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Real Estate Now Considered an "Essential" Business

Things are changing every day in these wild times we live in!

Per the California Associaton of Realtors - "On March 28, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) updated its list of essential services during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis and expressly included residential real estate. Since Governor Newsom’s March 4, 2020 order incorporates this list, the order now includes residential and commercial real estate, including settlement services, as essential services in California. However, if a city or county has an order with a more restrictive standard regarding what qualifies as an essential service, or more restrictions on activities, those guidelines will still govern the activities of a licensee.

Notwithstanding this new development, all real estate licensees must take into account the health and safety of their clients and fellow licensees, and follow the existing protocols for protecting against the spread of COVID-19. If such heath safeguards and protocols are not followed, the rule for the state could easily change to stop or restrict all real estate activity. To that end, in conformity with current health guidelines, real estate licensees should follow all CDC and local health mandates. 

1. No open houses should be held.

2. Showings should be done virtually, if at all possible."

Our local Realtors board has released this information as a result:

"Despite the updated announcement—it is advisory in nature. Any city or county guidelines which describe what qualifies as an essential service, or ones that place more restrictions on activities, will govern the activities of a licensee.  

At the time of this communication, Pasadena and Los Angeles County, have yet to update their orders, and remain under the more restrictive standard. Real estate professionals are still not classified as essential services. 

The Stay-at-Home order for Los Angeles County and Pasadena remains in place. Activities such as in-person showings should continue to be held virtually if possible and open houses are not permitted at this time."

In the City of Los Angeles, where the Stay At Home Order has been extended to May 15, we are not allowed to do in person showings, meetings, or any other activity that is not "virtual." Surrounding neighborhooods are allowed to do showings and inspections following strict social distancing requirements. So what does that mean for buyers and sellers who are needing to buy or sell a home in Los Angeles? Tracy spoke with CurbedLA about buying a house during these uncertain times and they came up with this guide for buying a house in a pandemic.

We are still navigating through this situation, and the health and safety of our families, our clients, and our communities is our main priority. If you are needing to buy or sell a home right now, we can help strategize a plan tailored to your needs. Contact us to schedule a (virtual!) meeting to discuss your situation. 

Forbearance Does NOT Equal Forgiveness
Real Estate Must Be Virtual, For Now

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