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How to Be the Most Successful Seller

How to Be the Most Successful Seller

When we talk to a homeowner who is thinking of selling, we outline our process. Some people choose to follow every step we describe and they are usually the most successful sellers we have.

We just congratulated the Sellers of a lovely home in Mount Washington on the successful close of the sale of their home. They told us how easy we had made it for them. Selling a house can be a stressful process whether it ends well or not, so this was high praise. Mt. Washington real estate is a hot region, but doesn't mean selling is always a simple matter. The Seller stated, "We just did what you told us to when you told us to do it, and it all worked out."

We now have a mutual admiration society with those sellers.

How often do you hear something like that? In the real estate business, it varies. But I've noticed that among the most successful sales we have had, we often do hear that. I generally say to them that it was because we all--our real estate group and the Seller--worked together as a team. It really is a lot like that saying about raising a child, it takes a village. Besides the Realtor, there is our staff to make sure the paperwork and all the myriad details involved are done correctly. Then there is the larger team of all the great people we work with from the stager and design consultant to the photographers, inspectors, vendors to help both us and the Sellers. Even before we're in escrow, there are our great service providers at the title and escrow companies, disclosure and retrofit companies--the list of team members gets very long.

There is a lot that goes into making a home into a model home for the purposes of selling, even if the homeowners already keep their home in top condition. A good 98% of homeowners need to declutter their homes at least a little to look their best. As we say every time -- the way you live in a home is not the way you sell a home. Once the picture-perfect home is on the market, there is the showing process. Even though we do our best to make it as easy for our Sellers as possible, there are still several days where the house needs to be in showroom condition, and that the Sellers and any pets they have are gone. First there are open house and special showing times and then, once we open escrow, they need to treat inspection days and appraisal day just like more open houses! Will it ever end? No! not until after the last walk-though, within 5 days of closing escrow!

So what did these Sellers do that made such a difference? They were open about how much they really wanted for their home and they went along with our pricing strategy aimed at obtaining that price for them. They followed the preparation list exactly so the house looked great. They asked questions when there was anything they didn't understand. They left the house in beautiful, clean condition (which is such a thoughtful thing to do even though it's not required) with the picture holes patched just like the contract called for.

Sometimes, a house is never going to look like a model home. There might be tenants, or deferred maintenance, or so much stuff that there simply isn't time or energy to move it out. Then, our pricing strategy is even more essential. We have had great success selling properties like this--and with even more dramatic results, netting the seller a lot more money than they ever expected.

If you are considering a move or selling your home in Mt. Washington or anywhere else in Northeast Los Angeles, please invite us over to discuss your options.

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