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Green LA and Save Our Trees!

Green LA and Save Our Trees!

The more sustainable "Green Thinking" we do in LA's Northeast, the more beautiful - abd valuable - our communities will be.

The communities that make up Northeast Los Angeles have generally been seen to be progressive and environmentally conscious. More and more, we see homes in Highland Park and real estate in Mt. Washington and Eagle Rock and Glasell Park coming on the market with what is today known as "sustainable landscaping".

Landscaping that requires little attention and resources is seen by homebuyers as a positive attribute in a home for sale for many good reasons.

For instance, did you know that if you're a homeowner in Los Angeles, you can still get a rebate from the Department of Water and Power (DWP) for removing your water-guzzling lawn and putting in a sustainable landscape?

Check out the details at The current rebate is $1.75 per square foot for up to 1500 square feet for residences. You must apply for and receive approval before you remove your lawn so don't start the tear down before getting approved!

What about our trees and lack of water? This is a substantial problem and people are realizing it, unfortunately, a bit too late.

I talk to homeowners all the time who say they have lost trees due to the drought. All we have to do is drive down the Arroyo Seco to see how the lack of water has wreaked havoc on the old Sycamore trees lining the Arroyo. Trees are an important - vital, even - resource in our parks and communities and yards. They are easy to take for granted and we ought not do that.

Consider this:

"Even if your municipality imposes watering restrictions, it's likely you'll be able to properly water trees. If you must choose between turf and trees, remember that trees are a bigger investment. And it will take years, if not decades, for a newly planted tree to take the place of a mature tree that has been lost to drought."

This is from an article written for gardeners in Texas by Suzanne DeJohn who gives us a lot of great advice starting with:

The Top 3 Rules for Tree Care

  1. Water
  2. Water
  3. Water

If you'd like to read this interesting article to gain a better understanding of trees and water, go to


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