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Tracy King's Blog

Eagle Rock Schools: Renaissance Arts Academy

Renaissance Arts Academy is a charter school located in the heart of Eagle Rock in the historic Piller's Department Store building.  We just attended their annual End of Year show and were so impressed!

They performed a modern dance/recital/concert that used all their students who danced, played music, and I'm sure helped with the production, design, and backstage details. It lasted only about an hour, but it was electrifying and wonderful.

Once they closed the doors to the theatre, the performance commanded complete attention. Latecomers were only allowed in the back section, no cell phones or cameras flashed, the theatre sat spellbound by what happened onstage.

If you've ever wondered if you should think about RenArts for your child, go to their End of Year performance. We were chatting with the principal and co-founder, afterwards and she remarked that most of these students had not had formal dance or music lessons until they came to RenArts. That is remarkable! If your child is interesting in the performing arts, this is certainly a place to consider.

If you aren't familiar with what a charter school is, here's a definition from the RenArts website: Charter schools are public schools of choice. They are nonsectarian, do not charge tuition, and operate under the terms of a "charter" that sets forth the school's mission, program, goals, and ways to measure success. 
For more information about Renaissance Arts Charter, go to their website,
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